Welcome to DEVIATE, this web site was created for the purpose of showing future clients the design skills of David J Rodriguez. Here you will find some of his work and you will be able to see his talented mind. I hope that you have enjoy your visit and come back soon.

Design is not just a job, is a Passion

-David J Rodriguez

Providing professional service, with creativity, quality and satisfaction. Come and check out all that I have to offer. Visit my portfolio, you wont regret it.

Hi, I am David J Rodriguez, born and raise in Puerto Rico. While living there I graduated from Electronic in a Vocational School. Soon after, I started an Associate Degree in Business Administration; during this time, I was obtaining knowledge from working in the Electronics and Computers field. After a few years, I completed my Associate Degree and quickly began my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science.

In 2005 I completed my Bachelor Degree and moved to California. There I work for a mayor transportation company, MTS San Diego, until I began a new Bachelor Degree in Multimedia Arts.

In 2009 I moved to Florida to be closer to my family. While there I was employed by Astonish Results formerly know as Squid Insurance Marketing. While working there, I was able to focus more in the web and marketing department.

Currently, I reside in the state of North Carolina where I'm sharpening my skills as a designer and developer. The most recent opportunities I've had in North Carolina has been in Bank of America and Wells Fargo, where I attain the 508 compliance skills, understanding of MEAN Stack and working experience in agile environment.

But still taking what time that is available to expand in other areas of interests -photography-. Please know that I am always looking for that adventure that will let me grow and expand my knowledge.

Career Objective

To develop and implement the digital approach to graphics and web within a company that presents challenge and promotes growth.

Knowing where you came from; can show you where you'll be heading in the future.

-David J Rodriguez


Web and Graphic Designer, Email Marketing Specialist and Front End Developer with 8 years of knowledge and experience in coding languages (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP) and design software (Adobe Creative Suite). Other knowledge include Agile SCRUM, SVN, Coda2, Eloqua, Javascript libraries, Eclipse and OOPhp.

Skill Summary

Knowledge in graphics and web applications as they are related to editing production or marketing:

Web Design
Html5 / Xhtml, PHP, CSS3, Javascript/jQuery, Dreamweaver CS5, Eclipse Coda2, SVN
Photoshop V12.0 CS5; photo restoration, color correction, photo composing.
V15.00 CS5; logo creation, illustration
Page Layout
InDesign V5.01 CS3; document construction using master pages, style sheets, typesetting
Quark Express
V7.2; document construction using master pages, style sheets, typesetting
3D Graphics
Autodesk Maya 2008 Modeling
Softimage XSI 7 Modeling
Operation System
PC(windows),PC(Linux), Mac
ADA Testing
JAWS, Windows EYES
English, Spanish

Platt College

B.A. Multimedia Arts

San Diego, CA

Universidad del Turabo

B.A. Computer Science

Gurabo, PR

Humacao Community College

A.S. Business Administration

Humacao, PR

Web design
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Graphic Design & Branding

Sample design image Sample design image Sample design image Sample branding image Sample branding image


Sample photography image Sample photography image Sample photography image Sample photography image Sample photography image Sample photography image Sample photography image Sample photography image Sample photography image Sample photography image

I see you are still interested in getting to know more about me. How about you check the Resume section of the site?... You did already?, well then check the About or the Blog. I'll try to keep you interested.


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de·vi·ate [v. dee-vee-eyt; adj., n. dee-vee-it]
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1625–35; < Late Latin dēviātus turned from the straight road, past participle of dēviāre. See deviant, -ate1

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de·vi·a·ble, adjective
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